Mr. Basdaeu Anirudh Dukhan (Bazi), graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2001. Thereafter he obtained his honours in Geotechnical Engineering in 2008. He is ating Engineers cc. His main duties entail planning, supervision of field testing, analysis and interpretation of field and laboratory tests. He is involved in various aspects of geotechnical engineering including the following: design of pile foundations;

design of retaining walls and soil nailing; supervision of boreholes drilled for installation of ground anode beds; settlement analysis of foundations in estuarine geological environments; excavatibility reports for material conditions in trenches for sewer mains; supervision of grouting operations for press bases; setting up, supervising and interpretation of seismic data obtained during pile driving operations.

He was involved with 4 major projects for Toyota Japan based in South Africa. These included detail geotechnical site investigations including and pile designs. Interpretation of pile load test results using static load tests and dynamic testing using PDA equipment from the UK.

He is also responsible for providing methodology and cost estimates for all projects. Bazi has experience in projects covering various spheres of Civil engineering, including road design, pavement design, stormwater design, pipe network design, sanitation for rural communities, waterloss management, structural design of office blocks, and warehouse floors for heavy loading.

Currently he is involved in the planning of geotechnical investigations, slope stability analysis, lateral support design, design of piled foundations, structural design of buildings and design of soil reinforced structures.

Bazi Dukhan also provides complete structural detailing and designs for residential, commercial and industrial structures. He is NHBRC registered as a competent engineer.